We are Separated

it’s been a year full of stories
story about me
story about you
and, the story about us

when we laugh, when we cry,
and when the anger become the story in between us

i still remember, and will always
when we were separated away…


Alone in Here

my day was fulfill with sorrow
a beautiful morning just seems like a silent night
a funny movie was just a horror trilogy

i remember when i met you, a month ago…
that was the best night i’ve ever had

you called my name, so did i…
then we spent the night with our friend

…laugh, jokes, games…so much fun…

and now we are separated (again)
it’s seems we don’t even know each other
there’s nothing else story we can share with…

i remember when someday you asked me “why ?”
i can’t hardly hid my regret now…
that i didn’t answer your question clearly…
though i know very much what were you asking me about…

i do really apologize to you

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