Suppressed and Lost

i want to scream
scream out a loud
i want to let everything out from my throat
and if you’re asking me what i feel

i feel ashamed
because no one would know what i feel
and what i think

too much
too much you gave me question
too much they gave me support i don’t need

i just want to throw it all away from me

believe me
believe me i’m in pain

i feel hurt in silent
all i hear just a silent
all things i see just a darkness
all things i told will never be listened

now, i just want to be here with you

sharing all you know and the stories
that will make us both laugh a loud

i remember the night

when i show how brightest the star you love is
and, the funniest things was i hope i show you the right one

don’t be mad please
i beg to you
i just want to see you smiling at me
and then we laugh together

spending this night both

i will always understand you…
i will always
because anything for you…


One thought on “Suppressed and Lost

  1. i know it,
    maybe perhaps..
    maybe just a litle than you feel, but i know it after see your creation

    smangad yaa


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